Thursday, February 5, 2009

Increasing Your Blog Profits Through search engine optimization

I am here to reveal a great secrete worth a million dollars about how to drive massive traffic to your site free without paying a dime. Before going any further, this secretes will only work if you have set up your own blog at any of the free blog hosting site but preferable at You should simply rush down to and follow the instructions on how to burn your feed. And thereafter, publicize your feed by inserting the msn and yahoo chicklets to your blog.

I know it sounds complicated but if you can follow simple instructions and cut and paste the chicklets codes into your blog template and this will only take a few minutes. Frankly speaking, you must be familiar with HTML so as not to make mistakes. If you're not sure ask anybody that knows much about it. This info is for you if you're familiar with the web - if you're a newbie it'll take a bit longer to implement.

However, Once the chicklets are installed onto your blog, login to them using your yahoo and msn id's and add them to your my msn and my yahoo templates. From then on when you make an entry to your blog it'll automatically log itself onto msn and yahoo and broadcast itself to the web in addition to your rss feeds. Once this is done go to PingOMatic and ping your blog to be indexed within days; not weeks or months.

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